I happy to announce here that I have connected with a new opportunity that represents all of the things I’ve been wanting to do next. I am very excited to become CTO at outside.in, which has been my favorite NYC startup for a while now. Here’s why:

  • I don’t know what Web x.0 means anymore. But while we figure that out, the holy grail for everyday Web use is filtering and organization of data of interest, along axes that make sense. Outside.in has nailed this from day 1, choosing geographical proximity as that axis.
  • The OI platform stack has to scale massively. In prior roles I’ve sometimes said that the technology I’m helping build has scaled beyond “consumer app numbers.” OI already has those numbers, and needs to cleverly grow fast as an aggregator, publisher, API provider, and Web app. This is my idea of fun.
  • The news business is shifting even as I write this. More agile, community-centric news delivery and filtering are already here, and traditional new businesses are adapting or facing extinction. OI offers  Big News and all authors, small and large, the platform they will embrace for distribution and monetization of local information. In short, our timing is absolutely perfect.
  • Technologies in the worlds of Natural Language Processing and Semantics are coming of age, and OI is making practical use of them in very creative ways. I may even have a few ideas about this up my sleeve.
  • Amazing team! Founders Steven Johnson, John Geraci, and Cory Forsyth created an incredible startup energy, and our CEO Mark Josephson is taking that a few notches further. The dedication, smarts, and creativity of this group of people is awesome.
  • Mark and our Board are the ideal leadership team. I’ll save the “why” of this for another post about startup leadership, but it’s a big part of why I’m here and putting my all into it, every day.
  • I can walk to work!

So, I’ve been on the job 2 weeks, enjoying every minute of learning the technology and development process VP of Engineering Cory has built to date, and getting to know the stellar team of engineers, product and business folks. It’s also been enough time to validate all of the drivers for me deciding this was the place for me, and that is truly a great feeling. As I have shared with the oi team, this is the “calm before the storm…” We are in the war room strategizing how to reveal some new technologies and business lines that have been brewing in HQ at 20 Jay Street, DUMBO. Stay tuned and get ready, I think we’re gonna turn this thing on it’s head!

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