LDV Vision Summit, 2014

I don’t often promote conferences and events here or generally, but there’s one coming up here in NYC that has me pretty jazzed. My friend Evan Nisselson and LDV Capital are putting up the first annual LDV Vision Summit in June and I am pleased to be helping out a bit on the sidelines. The cast of participants is stellar and the price is right.

There’s an old joke that says calling something the “first annual” is just wishful thinking. But I am quite certain the First Annual LDV Vision Summit will be the first of many.

It takes a peculiar and elusive kind of alchemy to assemble a successful technology event. Evan and his compatriots have lightning in a bottle on this one, so I’m recommending it. For a hefty discount, use code ‘PARSONS’ when you sign up and I will see you there.