Visually Immersive

We are about to enter a brilliant chaos of innovation in visual technologies. Oculus, Magic Leap and other VR/AR systems are poised to usher in a new era of visually-charged human-computer interaction. The explosion of photography and video tools for professionals and consumers, and the myriad channels into which they can flow are pervasive in all of our lives.  One could characterize what’s happening as a second wave of revolution in visual technologies. If the first was the confluence of low-cost imaging equipment and comparatively massive bandwidth to send image data zooming around the pipes of the Internet, the second will be deep visual computation and true immersion. While we have used the term “Visually Immersive” for years, we are a long way from the imagined reality of computing interfaces that melt away and become as much a part of the world as the world itself. Well, maybe not such a long way.

With revolution comes opportunity to invent, improve the human condition and build businesses. Yet there are few gatherings of the inventors of the visually immersive future where business, technology and creativity meld. Here in NYC, there are exciting things happening at the intersection of visual technology and business, which is right where I want to be with my new project, Kontor. Thankfully we have our very own event to celebrate innovation in the space, learn about what this industry is building and contemplate the fascinating implications.

That event is the LDV Vision Summit, taking place May 19-20 at the SVA Theater. At it’s heart is a pair of annual competitions organizer Evan Nisselson is putting together. In short, this year’s startup and computer vision competitions will stress creativity as much as quantitative results in problem solving. I’m excited to see what the teams come up with. And giddy thinking about the “Visually Immersive” applications that are just around the corner. I expect to see lots of these at the summit, but more importantly I’m jazzed to meet the people behind the code, creativity and business ideas that are bringing them into our homes and pockets.

Imagine combining transcendent machine vision technologies, ever-increasing computing resources in our palms, on our faces and in the cloud, and the startup ethos of New York City in 2015. Then stop imagining and buy your tickets! I’ll see you there.